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Located in the village of South Hill since 1998, Irie Life occupies a 100 year old West Indian wood house that shines with bright, vivid colors. Open daily in the high season, Irie Life offers an abundant collection of the coolest t-shirts and caps available in Anguilla. Known for their quality, the t-shirts at Irie Life make the perfect gift or momento for a great vacation. From 2T-3X you're sure to find the perfect fit for every family member.

Come and let us COLOR your world.

Color, Freedom, Difference, Humor and Love...

is what Jams World of Hawaii is all about, it makes a perfect pairing with the Irie way of life. This American made classic line as been a part of Irie Life for the last 11 years and we continue to carry one of the largest selections in the Caribbean. Perfect for the island lifestyle, Jams World is as light as the day and as cool as a breeze. Come on in and discover why people the world 'round have been wearing Jams World for the last 50 years.



B is for Bob at Irie Life, Bob Marley, King Bob, Robert Nesta Marley alive through his music and always present at Irie Life in Zion Rootswear for Princes and Princesses, Kings and Queens. We carry an extensive collection of T's, backpacks, totes, broches and books commemorating the life of the Honorable Robert Nesta Marley.

Unity in the Community...

The Caribbean is one region, one community, one people. Irie Life is proud to offer products from around the islands of this amazing part of the world- S Barths, St Martin, Carriacou, Jamaica and Tobago and Anguilla. Come and peruse the jewelry, art and collectibles from very talented sources right here in the Caribbean.

Irie. the ultimate positive. Irie Life. the ultimate island boutique.

Free up yourself mon, you're here!

Location:150 miles east of Puerto Rico, in the Caribbean Sea.

Time:Atlantic Standard Time (GMT -4), no observance of DST.

Size:16 miles long,3 miles wide.

Population:13,250 residents.


Currency:Eastern Caribbean dollar, fixed rate,US$ 1 = EC$ 2.71.

Capital:The Valley.

A coral and limestone island at the northern tip of the Leewards, the British overseas territory of Anguilla is best known as an upmarket destination for tourists and a haven for the wealthy. Once the home of Arawak and Carib peoples, it became an English colony after settlers arrived in 1650. Its people are of mainly African descent.

Carefully-regulated tourism is the bedrock of the economy. A tropical climate, fine beaches, reefs and turquoise seas lure visitors, many of them from the US.

Boating and cricket are popular pastimes on Anguilla. The island is a haven for migratory birds and a breeding ground for terns, frigates and tropical birds...

Anguilla has over 30 spectacular beaches, so the choice is yours to explore a different beach every day or just hang out at your favorite spot. Twelve miles of stunning, white powder sand and tranquil, transparent waters have earned Anguilla the reputation of having the best beaches in the world. All beaches in Anguilla are public, though some of them can only be accessed by walking through hotels. Some are skirted with bars and restaurants. There are no lifeguards on duty. Be cautious swimming at remote beaches, especially if the surf is high. Also please note that nude or topless bathing is not permitted on the island.

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