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South Hill and Sandy Ground Villages

IRIE LIFE, a cool world of color, offers 2 locations- the original on the Back Street in South Hill Village and now in the hip, seaside village of Sandy Ground. The word Irie (EYE ree) originates from Jamaica and is the ultimate positive, powerful, pleasing, all-encompassing quality.


IRIE LIFE is a boutique filled with a rainbow of colors, housed in a century old West Indian cottage that has been lovingly preserved and maintained throughout the decades. The store’s interior is just as colorful as the exterior and is cooled by inverter air conditioners, which reduce energy consumption by 60%.


IRIE LIFE brings you color in Anguilla’s finest selection of T-shirts, clothing, accessories, swimwear and beachwear.  Positively the ultimate shopping experience for island lifestyle you don’t want to miss.


The IRIE LIFE team has been providing customers, both locals and visitors from near and afar, friendly service for 15 years. Come in and browse around this unique boutique.  Listen to the Reggae tunes, explore the yard or stroll down the road for a gaze out over the endless vista of aquamarine, turquoise, deep blue sea and sparkling, white sand beach. Take a photo with the ‘Ras’  standing under the shade of the ginep tree.


Living the IRIE LIFE is about “Unity in the Community”, as the Caribbean is one region, one community and one people of various hues, shades and cultures IRIE LIFE proudly offers products from around the islands of this awe inspiring part of the world — Anguilla, Carriacou, Jamaica, Saint Barths, Saint Martin, and Tortola. Come and peruse the jewelry, art and collectibles from very talented sources right here in the Caribbean.

IRIE LIFE will definitely bring a smile to your face.            So come and let us color your world.

   IRIE … The Ultimate Positive …

IRIE LIFE  … The Ultimate Island Boutique...

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